“Lying in the back of our van one tour, the windows start to fog. Everyone is asleep besides me [Mike]. I sit up to realize there has been a word written in the fog against the windows. I squint, but everything is a blur. The next thing I realize there’s demons surrounding the van. Face to face we stare at each other. “What do you want?” Before an answer comes, the faces start to morph and I’m staring at myself. I scream to leave, but I only hear laughter. The word written in the fog is “Conversations.” The demons vanish and I’m sitting up, heavily breathing. I try to go back to sleep, but I’m lying awake as the sound of footsteps circle my ears. That night we begin writing a new record. An era that describes conversations we’ve had with our past and future selves. People we wish we were, or people we want to be. This highly-anticipated, 3rd full length album is an intense and driven fusion of rock, rap, and electronic music encompassed into one unique album. Recorded with the energy of the house we grew up in, the spirit of our past selves lives within the music. We proudly present, Conversations.”


"Who Rescued Who"

Released July 2nd, 2015

Tracks: 8

A sickness within is all that it seems. Which leads me to the question, “Who rescued who?” Our minds are trained to this illusion that physically being alone is what makes ¥ou isolated from the rest of the world, but I’m here to tell you that standing alone doesn’t make ¥ou alone; not when ¥ou’re by me. ¥ou ask yourself, “Who is this stranger?” and I ask ¥ou, “What must I do so you believe what I’m saying? If talk is cheap I’ve already been defeated before I begin to speak, or I even start to breathe.” Maybe that one feeling, that one life experience, that one phrase is all that we need. Maybe it’s fear that sets us in the path of self-righteousness.


Maybe a sense of surety between our fear and what is profound is all that we need. So I challenge ¥ou to break free from the tradition, to take my hand and to follow me. Time and experience will make us believe we will fail, will make us believe we will falter, but this is a war I will fight. Will ¥ou fight along side me? Once you cross that precipice there’s no turning back, we only have one place to go. So I leave the ¥outh here with one thought, a thought not everybody in this world will take it it’s entirety. One day ¥ou’re going to see that the person that ¥ou feared, will finally set ¥ou free.


Released December 7th, 2015

Tracks: 5

Ossein (n.) - the collagen of bone, remaining after the mineral matter has been removed by treatment with dilute acid.


This album was inspired by all of ¥ou who truly get what it is that we write about. It’s for those who understand these lyrics and the weirdness we love so much. There’s two main reasons we wanted to give ¥ou an acoustic album. 1. We can play smaller, more intimate places, and feel ¥our breath as we sing 2. To make these lyrics as prevalent as possible.  We hope ¥ou find something in this album ¥ou might not have found in our other albums. Do not hesitate to stand out, ¥ou will inherit this Earth. ::We’re in this together::



"Disguised In Color"

Released October 13th, 2014

Tracks: 13

“Disguised in Color” is the debut, full-length album, which was released independently on October 13th 2014. We named it Disguised in Color because the majority of the tunes are distraught, while at the same time they are making you dance.  With a variety of genres on the album, Disguised in Color was our way of figuring out which direction we wanted to go. It was also the first time Mike ever started singing or playing keys, which put the album in a “unique” category all on it’s own. We want ¥ou to find recollection in these songs. We want ¥ou to find recollection in this band.

Produced & Designed by: Scioli Design